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Frac Tanks

Frac tanksFrac Tanks are constructed to meet the conditions encountered in the oil and gas industry..

The unique V-bottom floor design in Menard frac tanks gives the operator easier cleaning and maintenance of the tank. Manufactured with 0.25" the floor on our frac tanks are supported with the strongest undercarriage of any tank in production.

The smooth lined inner walls of our frac tanks eliminate build up of material when compared to the conventional corrugated material used by other manufacturers. This key feature allows for much easier clean out.

We can custom manufacture our frac tanks for valve placement to the customer's specifications. Menard Sales has manufactured both internally and externally placed valves based upon the needs of our clients.


500 Bbl. Frac Tank

Floor Support: 4" x 10" x 1/4" tubing outer with 2" x 6" stringers

Floor: V-Design for easy clean-out - 1/4" Plate with front sump

Walls: 1/4" Plate - Smooth inside with corrugated ribs outside

Roof: 3/16" Plate with stamped ribs

Drain: 4' valve at rear - 3" threaded vent-overflow

Manifold: Internal with (4) 4" valves, or 8" external

Manways: (2) 20" front & curbside

Hatches: (3) non-sealed on roof

Access: Front stairways with hand rail - rear swing-out ladder

Pickup: 3/8" Plate - standard 5th wheel king pin

Tires: 11R x 22.5

Axle: 25,000 lb with air brakes

Primer: Epoxy primer

Paint: Standard polyurethane


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External Manifold

External Manifold